Ph.D. students:

  1. Design and fabrication of an injectable PLGA-based scaffold containing statins for bone regeneration, Mina Hajihasani, 2017
  2. Preparation and investigation of fine biodegradable drug containing polymeric particles (PLGA) by means of electrospray for application of cancer therapy, Abdolrahim Faramarzi, 2017
  3. Formulation of Hops nanoparticles in treatment of early symptoms of Menopause. Fatemeh Abdi 2017
  4. Manufacturing of drug containing microparticle by electrospray method for use in injectable in situ-forming drug delivery systems for pain management based on biodegradable polymers, Milad Jafari Nadoshan 2016
  5. Design of injectable in situ forming controlled antibiotic delivery system based on PLGA for treatment of chronic osteomyelitis, Mina Darestani 2016
  6. In-situ forming PLA scaffold loaded by chitosan microsphere of Simvastatin enhance bone regeneration, N. Safdarian, 2015
  7. Designing and making an in situ forming drug delivery system based on PLGA polymers for pakli taxoleanti-cancer drug, S Aminifazl, 2014
  8. Investigation of stabilized Leuprolide acetate release through in situ forming poly(lactide-co-glycolide) based system. Mehdi Rahimi 2014
  9. Preparation of in situ forming drug delivery systems for releasing Corticosteroid drugs based on PLGA polymers. Rafienia, 2007
  10. Preparation of in situ gelation drug delivery systems and burst release reduction of model drug, Astaneh, 2006


M.S.C students:

  1. Controlled release of naltrexone with biodegradable polymers, Darestani, 2003
  2. Evaluation of Levodopa and Carbidopa in Levodopa-C by ATR/FTIR-PLS spectroscopy, Mobedi, 2004
  3. Investigation of effect of additives on control release of Leuprolide Acetate from lactide -glycolid copolymers, Zare, 2004
  4. Evaluation of leuprolide acetate sol-gel systems in in-vivo conditions, R. Mashayekhi, 2006
  5. Preparation of control release of Corticosteroid drugs based on D,L Alginate – carrageenan and PLGA, Mohammadnia, 2007
  6. Preparation of a drug delivery system based on Zeolites for vitamines release: in vitro study, Rahimi, 2008
  7. Investigation of Gentamicin release from biodegradable drug delivery system based on Hybrid organic-mineral nano-composites, Khadem, 2008
  8. Controled release of long acting injectable Leuprolide systems in prostate cancer treatment. Enayati, 2008
  9. Formulation of drug delivery system based on Hybrid organic-mineral nano-composites for releasing drug to Preventing of hard tissue damaging, Askari, 2008
  10. Simulation of release profile of Betamethasone from in situ forming drug delivery system based on PLGA by Artificial neural network method, H. Sarraf, 2009
  11. Simulation of affecting parameters on control release of Leuprolide acetate by Artificial neural network, Tansaz, 2009
  12. Preparation and investigation of in situ forming drug delivery system for Doxycycline drug, Farrokhzad, 2009
  13. Study of degradation process of PLGA polymer affected by Calcium phosphate additives in in-situ forming drug delivery systems, Raadfar, 2010
  14. Preparation and evaluation of micro/nanoparticles of Polyhydroxybutyrate and labeled them by Folic acid for Targeting drug delivery to cancer cells, Sattari, 2010
  15. Development and performing in-vivo study for effectiveness determination of novel product of Leuprolide acetate, Madah, 2010
  16. Preparation and characterization of hallow fiber membranes based on ether sulfone in semi-industrial scale and investigating of effective parameters. Hasheminasab, 2010
  17. Designing of a controlled drug delivery system contain naltrexone for pain control, Jaafari Nodoushan, 2010
  18. Investigation of effect of Gamma irradiation in Sterilizing of in-situ forming novel drug delivery systems, Shapooregan, 2010
  19. Preparation of Bioglass/PLGA composites and investigation of its properties for superseded applications, Khalili, 2010
  20. Improvement of release process of drug from in situ forming drug delivery system containing low amount of Naltrexone for pain control by Ethyl heptanoate additive and its evaluation in in-vitro and in-vivo studies, Yazdi, 2010
  21. Increasing of stability of Triptoreline acetate with using of Phytic acid in novel drug delivery systems based on PLGA for prostate cancer treatment, Malekooti, 2011
  22. Designing and making nano filtration membranes based on poly ether sulfone/ poly dimethyl Siloxane for separating of Ethanol and water with evaporation leakage method, Jaafarinasab, 2011
  23. Producing of Chitosan-Laminin scaffolds for nerve tissue engineering. N,Samanipour, 2013
  24. Synthesis of multi-block acrylate copolymer and investigation of monomer decreasing methods in synthetic co-monomer, Karimshad, 2014
  25. Investigating of releasing of Local anesthetic Lidocaine HCl and base Lidocaine from in situ forming drug delivery systems based on PLGA, Namvar, 2014
  26. Preparation and evaluation of in situ forming drug delivery systems based on PLGA polymers for Buprenorphine release, Hosseini, 2015
  27. Release of Famotidine from in situ forming drug delivery systems based on PLGA polymers, Banihashemi, 2015
  28. Feasibility study of Statin loading in Clay structure and preparation of its composite with PLGA, Latif, 2015
  29. Preparation of an in-situ forming drug delivery system containing antibiotics in treatment of infection implants by using biodegradable polymers, Narges Hayati 2016
  30. Controlled release of bupivacaine from SAIB-Polyester matrix as in situ forming system, Saeid Bazraei. 2016
  31. Preparation and evaluation of antibiotic microcapsules based on PLGA via electrospraying, Mehdi Khalifehoo, 2017
  32. Preparation of an in-situ forming drug delivery system containing Progesterone in pregnant horses. Maryam Armiun. 2017
  33. Preparation and evaluation of Simvastatin and Dexamethasone microcapsules based on chitosan.  Melica Zakeri 2017