International Patents:


US 20180028436 A1

F. Abdi, FR. Tehrani, H. Mobedi

US 20170225405 A1

N. Safdarian, H. Mobedi, F. Weber

  •  Dissolution test apparatus for sensitive drugs (dtasd)

Application Number: 62578397

Hamid Gourabi, Hamid Mobedi, Siyavash Mirzai, Sakineh Khezli

  •  An antibiotic loaded biodegradable drug delivery system for targeting periodontal infections and peri-implant diseases.


H.Barikani, A.Rokn, H.Mobedi, A.BAHADOR.


National Patents:


  • Preparation of in-situ forming implant based on PLGA- SAIB

Iran Patent, No 008211

H. Mobedi, S. Bazraee, A. Mashak, A. Jamshidi

  •  Preparation of Carrageenan hydrogels for drug delivery

Iran Patent, No 001962

A .Jamshidi, M.J. Zohourianmehr, Z. Mohammadnia, K. Kabiri, H. Mobedi

  •  Utilization of Nano-hydroxyapatite in preparation of biodegradable injectable polymeric systems for prostate cancer treatment

Iran Patent, No 006238

M. Enayati, H. Mobedi, SH. Hojjati Emami, H. Mirzadeh

  •  Preparation of Polylactice acid pressable powder for fabricating implantable drug products

Iran Patent, No 005067

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  •  Optimization of degradation process of L-lactide polymer in presence of L-lactide dimer

Iran Patent, No 008917

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  • Drug delivery systems based on natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite-type for vitamin E releasing

Iran Patent, No 57969

M. Rahimi, A.A. Behnamghader, H. Mobedi et al

  •  Hybrid organic-mineral Biocompatible nano-composites based on unsaturated polyesters and polyhydral oligomeric Siloxane nano block with Biological applications

Iran Patent, No 009864

N. Khadem, M. Imani, Sh. Sharifi, H. Mobedi, M, Ataee, IPPI

  •  Controled release of vitamin K by using of Zeolite, Clinoptilolite-type, in Acidic medium lile the digestive system

Iran Patent, No 000783

M. Rahimi, A. Nateghi, H. Mobedi, A. Behnamghader, IPPI

  • Production of long-acting in situ forming Leuprolide Acetate (1 months) in form of tow separated syringe

Iran Patent, No 62962

H. Mobedi, A. Nateghi, IPPI

  •  Preparation of Polymeric networks based on acrylated diol macromers in novel route with utilization in in situ forming drug delivery systems

Iran Patent, No 64296

H. Askari, M. Imani, M. Ataee, H. Mobedi, IPPI

  •  Hybrid organic-mineral Biocompatible nano-composites based on unsaturated polyesters for releasing drug in recovery of damaged hard tissue

Iran Patent, No 64297

H. Askari, M. Imani, M. Ataee, H. Mobedi, IPPI

  • Production of pharmaceutical in situ forming nano-composites for Periodontal diseases treatment, in vitro condition

Iran Patent, No 65351

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  •  Control of degradation process of in situ forming system based on Poly(latic-glycolic) by aliphatic esters

Iran Patent, No 66521

IPPI, A. Mashak, H. Mobedi, F. Ziyaee

  • Production of long-acting in situ forming injectable formulation with using ethyl heptanoate

Iran Patent, No 79782

F. Yazdi, IPPI, M. Jaafari, H. Mobedi, A. Nateghi et al

  •  Production of in situ forming injectable formulation of triptoreline acetate 3.75 mg (1month) with using of biodegradable PLA and PGA polymers

Iran Patent, No 80695

A. Nateghi, J. Nazari, M. Jaafari, E. Mobedi, H. Mobedi