Hamid Mobedi is currently an associate professor at the Iran polymer and petrochemical institute (IPPI).

He has earned his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science (2000) from Mashhad University, Iran, and has completed his sabbatical postdoc fellowship from Manchester University, Department of pharmaceutics, working with Professor Antony D’Emanule.

He has served in both academia and industry for almost 18 years at different positions including head of the department, assistant professor and lecturer in IPPI.

He is the founder of “Varian Pharmed” knowledge-based Company in 2009 and has been the head of this company from 2009-2013. He has been acting as senior research scientist, research manager, and principal scientist at Varian Pharmed Co, where he has been principal investigator of a number of product development projects in the area of injectable implants.

His current research is focused on novel drug delivery systems, especially in situ forming implants, microsphere/macrosphere technologies and tissue engineering.  Some of his publications including of 15 patents, 45 peer-reviewed publications, about 50 articles, 80 conference presentations and 2 book chapters, are now available in the relevant journals. He also has developed 3 injectable implant products in the market.


CV Download Link: Dr. Hamid Mobedi